Locally Grown: The Sunnyside Story

New Guinea Impatiens in NY Flower Power pot.

Ned and Bonnie Chapman first opened Sunnyside in 1982 as a wholesale dish garden supplier. As the business grew, Ned and Bonnie expanded into retail sales eventually building more greenhouses to accommodate an ever-increasing demand of high quality products. A true family business, Ned and Bonnie and their three children all still work at the garden center. The Chapman family likes to have fun, so in order to satisfy this urge and tap into their creative juices they created the area’s first Fall Festival and Pumpkin Patch in 1988.

Twenty Greenhouses

When we first bought the Sunnyside property, it only consisted of two large glasshouses. Well, that’s not enough for us to grow all our gorgeous flowers! So we added a polyhouse…and another one…and another. Until we had twenty more! Today, we’re holding steady at twenty greenhouses. (We lost one in the 1990s during a fierce windstorm, although Ned still claims he saw a tornado.)

Did you know…
Over 90% of the plants we sell are grown right here at our greenhouses in Saratoga Springs, NY.
Unlike other garden centers, we’ve been doing it this way for the past 30 years!

Buy Local

Sunnyside has always promoted the “Buy Local” movement. That’s one of the reasons we have so many greenhouses! Growing our plants right onsite allows us to grow the high quality plants we’re famous for, provide year-round jobs for some local residents, and lower our environmental impact (we don’t have to transport our plants).

But it’s not all about us. We help support our local communities too by:

  • Raising money for Saratoga Center for the Family
  • Giving plants to Saratoga Spa State Park so all the area’s residents and visitors can enjoy the park’s beautiful gardens
  • Donating to a bunch of different charities and organizations throughout the year
  • Offering local businesses a discount so they can decorate their storefronts with plants & flowers!

We support our local businesses and hope that you’ll support us!