Christmas Fundraisers

Fundraising is a fact of life for non-profit organizations, churches, schools, teams, and clubs. Many schools and organizations have sold our poinsettias and wreaths as an easy, profitable holiday fundraiser. They practically sell themselves during the holiday season!

We have two fundraisers to choose from: Poinsettia & Wreath Sales or Gift Card Fundraisers. Feel free to offer one or both of them to your organization.

Poinsettia & Wreath Christmas Fundraiser

Red poinsettias

Our poinsettias are available in two sizes (4-inch and 6-inch pots) and include a decorative foil covering the pot and protective sleeve. Choose from four different poinsettia colors: classic red, pink, white, and marble (pink & white variegated).

Our handmade wreaths are 18″ in diameter and are decorated with a red bow and pinecones. The swags are approximately 18″ in length and also include a red bow and pinecones.

We are happy to offer free delivery of your poinsettias and wreaths to one drop-off point within 10 miles of Saratoga Springs. A minimum order of $100 applies for free delivery. Please call us to discuss delivery costs if you are further than 10 miles away from Saratoga Springs. We suggest delivery or pick-up between November 26th and December 12th.

Please contact us with any questions: (518) 584-1034 or email us.

We look forward to working with you and helping you reach your fundraising goals!

Download information here:

Christmas Fundraiser Details and Pricing (pdf.) Please note: The attached details and pricing are only good for 2013.
Christmas Fundraiser Teacher Order Form(MS Word)

Gift Card Fundraiser

Sunnyside gift card

If you would also like to offer gift cards as well as poinsettias and wreaths, we recommend only offering one or two denominations. $20 and $50 denominations are our most popular. Your organization will keep 20% of the total amounts of the gift cards sold. So if you sell $200 in gift cards, you keep $40 as your group’s profit.

If you are interest in offering only the Gift Card Fundraiser, please see our Gift Card Fundraiser page for more information.