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Gift Card Fundraisers with Sunnyside

Are you looking for a fundraising program that is guaranteed to be successful? The Sunnyside Gift Card Fundraiser is simple, fun, and flexible. It’s a perfect fit for schools, churches, youth organizations, sports teams and other organizations that need to raise funds.

Here’s how it works:
You take orders and payment for $20, $40 or $100 Sunnyside Gift Cards from your group. Once your fundraiser is over, let us know how many of each card value you have sold and we’ll get them ready for you to pick up and distribute.

You get to keep 20% of each gift card sold. So if you sell $1000 in gift cards, you keep $200 as your group’s profit. Since our gift cards have no expiration date, they never expire and allow your customers greater flexibility and a wider range of choices.

Gift cards may be redeemed during any season and used just like cash toward any purchases. So if your customer buys a gift card in May, they don’t have to use it right away to buy flowers. Instead, they can use it in October to buy a pumpkin or in December to buy a Christmas tree.

How to sign up:
Please contact us to provide your group information and set the dates your fundraiser will take place.

Please note:
We ask that all cash and checks collected go through your organization. Please do not ask your buyers to make checks payable to Sunnyside. At the end of your fundraiser, you should bring a single payment (totalling 80% of your collected funds) when you come to pick up your cards. For example, if you sold $1000 in gift cards, your payment to us should be $800.

Please contact us if you need any other information.

Download information here:
Gift Card Fundraiser_2014 (pdf.)