Sunny Money 2016

Earn Sunny Money: May 1 – July 8, 2016
Redeem Sunny Money: July 9 – July 17, 2016
Sunny Money comes in different denominations

Sunny Money (formerly Bonus Bucks) is our favorite summer event. We’ve timed our growing season so we have beautiful, new plants right in the middle of the summer. Our summer bedding plants and perennials are just coming into bloom, making July a perfect time to freshen up your gardens. So start saving up that Sunny Money and we’ll see you in July!

How it works

Earn Sunny Money (May 1-July 8, 2016)
You earn one Sunny Money dollar for every $10 purchase made from May 1 – July 8, 2016. For example, a $15 purchase is worth 1 Sunny Money. A $25 purchase is worth 2 Sunny Money.

Redeeming Sunny Money (July 9-17, 2016)
Starting on July 9th, 2016 customers can redeem their Sunny Money for up to 50% of all in-stock plants and merchandise (excluding gift cards). For example, if you purchase $100 worth of petunias on July 12, you may use 50 Sunny Money and 50 real dollars. The more you’ve spent in the Spring, the more you save!

What can I buy with Sunny Money?

We grow and buy prime plants just for this time of year. We are not selling you junky, old, half-dead plants. All plants, accessories, tools, and garden decorations are eligible. The only things you cannot buy with your Sunny Money are gift cards.

Rules & Regulations
  • Sunny Money is our exclusive loyalty program and is only available at Sunnyside Gardens. Gift cards purchased through outside organizations (i.e. a gift card fundraisers) are not eligible to receive Sunny Money.
  • Bonus Bucks can only be redeemed during Bonus Buck Week (July 9-17, 2016) or if you have receive an invitation to our VIP Sunny Money Social (July 8, 2016).
  • Bonus Bucks cannot be used to buy Gift Cards.
  • You cannot redeem Bonus Bucks for cash or Gift Cards.
  • In fairness to everyone, we cannot tag or hold any merchandise as “SOLD” for this promotion. Everything is on a first come, first serve basis during these days.
  • You may only use Bonus Bucks from 2016. Previous year’s Bonus Bucks will not be accepted.

Sunnyside’s VIP Sunny Money Social

Friday July 8, 2016 @ 6pm-8pm
What is the VIP Sunny Money Social?

The VIP Sunny Money Social is an invite-only event that allows customers to use their Sunny Money the evening before Sunny Money Redemption Week officially begins. We’ll also be serving food and drinks to keep you energized while you shop! This year’s event takes place on Friday, July 8th, 2016.

How do I get invited to Sunnyside’s VIP Sunny Money Social?

It’s sooo easy to get invited to our party.

Step 1  You sign up to receive our e-newsletter or follow us on one of our social media sites: Facebook, Google+, or Tumblr.
Step 2  At the end of June, we’ll send you an invitation to the VIP Sunny Money Social.
Step 3  You register for Sunnyside’s VIP Sunny Money Social on our website or by phoning (518) 584-1034
Step 4  Show up at Sunnyside’s VIP Sunny Money Social and be greeted with wine and food. Shop til you drop.

But remember…

If you don’t register on our website or by phone, then sorry but you’ll have to wait until Saturday to redeem your Sunny Money.