Amazing Annuals

Annuals: the party dresses of the plant world

Here at Sunnyside, we specialize in annuals. We use them everywhere: in hanging Baskets, in pots (aka container gardens), and in flowerbeds. Annuals are the easiest and fastest way of brightening up your yards. They’re also the most economical!

Sunnyside grows the biggest, best-looking annuals around. We focus on quality instead of quantity, so you can be sure that the plants you choose are healthy and happy. With 20 greenhouses open to the public you’re sure to find something you love.

Are you a garden novice? Don’t worry! We’re here to help! Our friendly staff is always on hand to answer questions and give advice. We’ll even help you design your pots and containers!

Geraniums in mixed colors in Sunnyside's main retail area.

Some annual inspiration:

You'll find thousands of quality, locally-grown flowers at Sunnyside. Purple heliotrope, blue torenia, and lavender petunias make a striking purple-themed mix.Coleus and geraniums in one of our production greenhouses.
Tropical hibiscus can take the hot and humid NY summers.Pink NicotianaEarly Spring means pansies at Sunnyside!
Sunnyside grows the best New Guinea Impatiens around!Sunnyside grows thousands of geraniums each year.New ``black`` vinca (aka periwinkle) are perfect for hot, dry spots.
Million bells (aka calibrachoa) hang in our retail show house.White and green caladiums are one of favorite shade plants.You'll have thousands of hanging baskets to choose from at Sunnyside.