Creative Container Gardens

Barn box with Non-stop begonias, lamium, torenia, alyssum, and ferns

Container gardens are perfect for patios and porches

Each year our talented planting staff strives to come up with new and unique container gardens. We’ll plant up anything – even the kitchen sink! Whether you want to plant your own container or choose from one of our pre-planted ones, we’re happy to assist with advice and color selections.

Don’t feel like planting it yourself? Ask us about our design service. For a small fee, we’ll come up with an individual design just for you and do all the planting. You just take it home and water!

We can make anything into a container garden! Here are just a few of the objects we’ve used:

Lots and lots of pottery!
Bundt pans
Window Boxes
Vegetable Crates
Lunch boxes
Milk crates
And even a toilet!

Looking for inspiration? Check out some of our creative containers:

A selection of pre-made container gardens at Sunnyside Gardens.Dragonwing Begonias last through the fall.Metal sinks can also make great container gardens.
Birdbath container garden.A purse made out of moss is a cute gift for Mother's Day. Blue torenia and white Non-Stop begonias are great for the shade.
Cheerful pansies in one of Sunnyside's famous barn boxes.We take on pots of all sizes at Sunnyside!Keeping it simple with a colorful bowl of red wax begonias.
Easter brings colorfully-planted Easter baskets.Just a few of the containers we design each year. Chairs make fantastic planters.