Great Gardening Supplies

Great gardens rely on successful tools

Sunnyside carries both organic and chemical solutions

To have a great garden, you need to have great gardening supplies. That means quality fertilizers and composts and tools you can count on.

Whether you’re looking for organic or chemical solutions, we only carry the finest gardening supplies. Everything you see in our store, we have tried and tested at Sunnyside. They are our favorite products and they are the ones we use at home and at the greenhouses.

Everyone always asks how we get our plants so big and full of flowers. The secret: Jack’s Classic Fertilizers. This is the fertilizer we’ve used for years and the one we swear by. We just won’t use anything else – Jack’s is that good!

Find our favorite products in our store:

  • Jack’s Classic Fertilizers
  • Fafard Potting Soils & Composts
  • Espoma Plant-Tone Organic Fertilizers
  • Fox Farm Organic Soils & Fertilizers
  • Atlas Nitrile Garden Gloves
  • Watering Cans
  • Trowels, diggers, and pruners