Stop by and see our Winter Wonderland.

Stop by Sunnyside in November and you’ll be greeted with an amazing winter wonderland!

Get ready for the holidays with our freshly cut Christmas trees, gorgeous handmade Christmas wreaths and the best poinsettias in the area.

Christmas Trees

Stop by and take a walk through hundreds of pre-cut Christmas trees. We stand each and every one of them up so that you can see all sides and make sure you find the perfect one for your home.

Need help getting it to your car? One of our Christmas elves will gladly give your tree a fresh cut before putting it on top of your car.

Each year, we offer several different varieties of trees:

Fraser Fir
Our favorite and the most popular! Strong branches for heavy ornaments. Won’t drop its needles. Soft smell won’t overpower the house.

Balsam Fir
The “traditional” Christmas tree that is known for its great fragrance. Soft needles make it easy to decorate.

Canaan Fir
A type of Balsam, so has that great Christmas tree smell. Short needles but thick and sturdy branches. Great needle retention.


Christmas Wreaths

Our evergreen decorations are the most beautiful around! This is because we’ve been making wreaths and kissing balls by hand for thirty years.

What makes our wreaths so special?


The secret is in our mix. We use balsam fir and mix it with strong-needled fraser fir, so that our wreaths are the perfect blend of woodsy smell and long-lasting. Choose from a range of sizes – everything from an 8″ ring (approximately 14” diameter) up to a 48″ ring (approx. 66” diameter).

Our mixed evergreen wreaths are truly unique. We start with balsam and fraser and then add juniper, cedar, white pine, or holly.

Looking for decorated wreaths?
Our designers pre-decorate dozens of wreaths in a variety of colors for easy “pick-up and go” shopping. If you don’t see one you like, place an order for a custom wreath.

Kissing Balls & Outdoor Decor

In addition to our wreaths, we also hand make a traditional Northeast decoration: a kissing ball! Kissing Balls come plain or with velvet bow and tails (usually in red or burgundy). Please ask us if you need other colors.

We also create fantastic evergreen hanging baskets and holiday containers and urns. 

To help decorate your homes, we also carry:

• Garland
• Fresh Boughs
• Holly
• Boxwood

Poinsettias & Holiday Plants

We started growing poinsettias in 1982 when we first opened in Saratoga Springs and although we no longer grow themselves, we still only sell the best.

Each Christmas our greenhouses are filled with red, white, pink, and marble poinsettias. We also try to carry new hybrids such as ‘Jingle Bells’ and ‘Ice Crystal’. Come visit us around Thanksgiving to see our best selection.

You’ll also find other wintering flowers such as cyclamen, amaryllis, and Christmas cacti.

Artificial Wreaths & Indoor Decorations

Maybe you’re looking for something that won’t bother your allergies. Or perhaps you’re tired of cleaning up pine needles off the dining room floor.

Visit our Indoor Shop and choose one of our beautiful artificial wreaths or kissing balls. We decorate each one individually so that no two are the same, ensuring that you have a unique and beautiful design created just for your home.

Or stop by and talk to our designers who will be happy to work with you to create that special arrangement that matches your home’s style and colors.

And if you’re looking to do your own decorating, come browse our huge selection of Christmas picks, garlands, birds, and holiday décor. You’ll be sure to find something to transform your rooms into a Christmas wonderland!