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Spring & Summer

Check out what’s growing on at Sunnyside April through July.

Sunnyside is famous for our locally grown, high quality plants.

First and foremost, Sunnyside is about plants. We grow over 90% of our plant products in 20 greenhouses right here in beautiful Saratoga Springs, NY. Each of our greenhouses is open to the public and you’re welcome to explore all of them. That’s one of the reasons our customers love us. You never know what you may find!

Need some help?

We also strive to provide excellent customer service. So no matter whether you’re looking for some advice on what to plant in your favorite patio pot or some lessons in veggie gardening 101, we’re here for you. Stop by, give us an email, or phone us with your questions. We’re always here to help.


Amazing Annuals

Here at Sunnyside, we specialize in annuals. We use them everywhere: in hanging Baskets, in pots (aka container gardens), and in flowerbeds. Annuals are the easiest and fastest way of brightening up your yards. They’re also the most economical!

Sunnyside grows the biggest, best-looking annuals around. We focus on quality instead of quantity, so you can be sure that the plants you choose are healthy and happy. With 20 greenhouses open to the public you’re sure to find something you love.


Pretty Perennials

Partial to perennials? We’ve got you covered.

You’ll find hundreds of “tried and true” perennials at Sunnyside Gardens. These are the ones that we’re sure will grow in our harsh upstate climate. But that’s not all you’ll find! We also offer dozens of new varieties each year to keep those “collectors” happy.

And don’t forget: Our perennial experts are always here to help. Just let us know what type of spot you’re looking to plant and we’ll help you come up with a plan and teach you the correct care for your choices.


Heavenly Hanging Baskets

Think you know hanging baskets?

Not if you haven’t had a Sunnyside Hanging Basket! We’re famous for our huge, gorgeous hanging baskets. Each February we plant over 10,000 baskets and grow them for several months. Come Mother’s Day, each hanging basket is covered with thousands of flowers and ready to go to a new home.

We have dozens of varieties to choose from for both sun-loving and shady spots. But don’t worry: we’ll help you choose the perfect basket for your particular spot. And since we grow all the baskets right here at Sunnyside, you’ll be getting the highest quality plants around.


Incredible Edible Veggies

Growing veggies = good food, saved money, and healthy habits.

Everyone knows that homegrown vegetables taste better than store bought, so why not try to grow your own this year? Edible gardens can help you on your way to a healthy life by encouraging healthy eating. And they’re a great way to get the kids interested in gardening too.

Stop by the veggie section at Sunnyside and you’ll find dozens of different vegetable plants, each variety carefully chosen to perform in our varied Northeast climate.

Look for our special Heirloom Tomato area where you’ll find dozens of Heirloom and unusual tomato varieties. And don’t forget to stop by our Herb Section. You’ll find over 30 different types including a variety of basils, mints, oregano, parsley, and many more!


Creative Container Gardens

Container gardens are perfect for patios and porches.

Each year our talented planting staff strives to come up with new and unique container gardens. We’ll plant up anything – even the kitchen sink! Whether you want to plant your own container or choose from one of our pre-planted ones, we’re happy to assist with advice and color selections.

Don’t feel like planting it yourself? Ask us about our design service. For a small fee, we’ll come up with an individual design just for you and do all the planting. You just take it home and water!


Healthful Houseplants

Bring the outdoors in with houseplants.

As well as providing beautiful decoration, houseplants also act as natural air purifiers helping to make your house healthier. They work great in offices too. Houseplants come in a variety of shapes and sizes from tiny African violets to elegant orchids to 15 foot tall palms. And if you’re looking for something to put in that low-light spot, we can help you make the right choice from our huge selection.


Pottery and Decor

Spruce up your patios with decorative pottery!

Potted containers are a great way to spruce up a patio, porch, or doorway. They even fit well into a landscaped garden. No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find something to fit your color and your budget. And if you need help designing and planting your container just ask a staff member. We can help you create your own pot or even plant it up for you.

Set your garden’s tone with accessories & decor!

Garden decor and accessories can set the tone for your garden and really pull the whole thing together. Elements such as fountains and wind chimes stimulate senses with their soothing sounds and music. Bird baths help out the local wildlife by providing birds with a cool afternoon perch. And gazing balls can add a sense of whimsy or drama. Whatever atmosphere you’re trying to set in your garden, you’ll find something to complement it at Sunnyside.


Great Gardening Supplies

To have a great garden, you need to have great gardening supplies. That means quality fertilizers and composts and tools you can count on. Whether you’re looking for organic or chemical solutions, we only carry the finest gardening supplies.

Everything you see in our store, we have tried and tested at Sunnyside. They are our favorite products and they are the ones we use at home and at the greenhouses. Everyone always asks how we get our plants so big and full of flowers. The secret: Jack’s Classic Fertilizers. This is the fertilizer we’ve used for years and the one we swear by. We just won’t use anything else – Jack’s is that good!

Find our favorite products in our store:
• Jack’s Classic Fertilizers
• Fafard Potting Soils & Composts
• Espoma Plant-Tone Organic Fertilizers
• Atlas Nitrile Garden Gloves

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